This page has a running list of some of the positions we need help with.  We are working through our incredible list of volunteers but, reaching out to thousands of volunteers individually is taking us a while.   We wanted to share this list so that if any of you have a particular interest in this area, we can get right to it.  In any event, we thank you for your patience and hope to speak with you soon!

The March for Science Team

At least a dozen times a day, we find ourselves searching for critical information.  What are the 5 most important discoveries of the NIH?  What is the most recent study confirming that diversity and inclusivity in STEM are essential to scientific progress?  What is the history of budget cuts at the EPA?  What are specific examples of how FDA regulation saves lives? What's the fastest route from RFK stadium to the National Mall?  What percentage of the budget is the National Endowment of the Arts?  What important questions did we fail to ask?

We need people with google and pubmed skills to help us answer these questions and more.  You can dedicate as much or as little time as you want to this — have an hour to pop in and look up some answers? Have too much free time on your hands and want to be more involved?  We're open to all.

Interested?  Email research@marchforscience.com


Graphic Design





We have had some incredible artists donate work to the March for Science and we know there are many more out there eager to help.  We have two projects we are working on now!  The first is cool science themed art to share on social media.  The second is posters for the march.  We want to make them available on our website for download for people to use day of the event and will hold a contest to vote on the top ones to be turned into print posters!  All work will be credit to the artist who makes them with name and link your website or social media.   

Interested?  To submit art, email art@marchforscience.com.  To help with posters, email graphicdesign@marchforscience.com.

Facebook Moderators





Our Facebook group has more than 700,000 people in it.  We get hundreds of post submissions a day and many more comments.  We need to be able to protect our community as they discuss issues critically important to our conversations around the March for Science, including diversity.  Knowing that the discussion of a post will lead some community members to violate our anti-harassment statement is not a reason not to approve it -- but it is a reason to make sure that our Facebook moderation is well staffed and up to the challenge. It means we ned a diverse group of people from all timezones working to keep our community safe for all people.

Interested?  Email social@marchforscience.com



Do you know how to turn a cool graphic, slogan, or general idea into a T-Shirt?  We want your help.  

Interested?  Email store@marchforscience.com

Each team on March for Science has their own designated email address where they can be reached for feedback or concerns.

Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility: IDEA@marchforscience.com

Accessibility: accessibility@marchforscience.com

Partnerships: partnerships@marchforscience.com

Fundraising: fundraising@marchforscience.com

Blog: MFSBlog@marchforscience.com

Satellites: march@marchforscience.com

Volunteers: volunteers@marchforscience.com

Press/Comms: press@marchforscience.com