Privacy Statement


We collect your information  only with your consent. At, we collect the minimum information required to register you for the march and ensure that we do not duplicate participants. If you have already registered for the march with this email address, the information collected here will replace that registration. If you register for a march other than Washington D.C., your email address will be sent to your local march organizers so that they can contact you with march updates. We do not sell your information or share it with third parties and will only use it as this privacy statement describes.


Why are we asking those other detailed questions?

We are scientists, and the March for Science offers us thousands of data points to provide insight into who is marching and why.  We have so many questions: Are most people first time marchers? Are they traveling to a march or staying local? Are they scientists, journalists, communicators, educators? What motivates them to march? Through this registration, we have an opportunity to help answer these questions, improve our understanding about science advocacy, and pull off some pretty cool data visualization. Your identifying information (name and email address) will be stripped from the data before analysis to ensure your privacy.

To register, all that we require is your name and email address to ensure accurate counts of participants. The other questions are entirely optional.  We ask for those details because our insatiable curiosity leaves us with many questions that we want answered — we can only do that with your participation!  

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