Exploring the Intersection of Art & Science

by March for Science

There is a growing movement to add Art to the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) equation. This effort, often referred to as STEAM, has resulted in many incredible projects leveraged for education, advocacy, empowerment, and fun. Check out a few of our favorites below, and make sure you share your picks or personal STEAM projects with @ScienceMarchDC #STEAM!

For more information the goals of STEAM, check out great resources provided by organizations like STEM to STEAM or SciArt Center.


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Enjoy this collection of science poetry curated by Jane Hirshfield and the Wick Poetry Center in support of March for Science, check out the poetry banners featured at the March for Science, and participate in the "Emerge" poetry activity created for the march. 

Share your "Emerge" poem using #PoetsforScience, or mail it to a friend or loved one. Check out #PoetsForScience to view your own post, or to see how others are creating poetry!

@iamsciart: Twitter account featuring rotating science artists
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"Give us your titrated lithographs, your porosity micrographs,
Your scribbled mass spectrometers yearning to breathe free.

What is SciArt? Finding an acceptable answer seems more art than science. SciArt represents an alloy, a hybrid, an estuary, a wide ranging conversation between scientific understanding and artistic appreciation. SciArt might not only mean majestic murals of long dead dinosaurs, but also microbial musicals, celestial silk screens, or choreographed chemicals.

Here at @IAmSciArt you’ll find all of these and more, as we explore the limits of #SciArt." - @iamsciart

VIDEO CREDIT: Researched, written, sung, directed, shot, and edited by 7th and 8th graders from The Nueva School in California. 

SCIENCE WITH TOM: Science music videos made by kids
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"I used to make science raps for my students at Stanford. Now I help kids of all ages make science music videos. Currently working on a new NGSS-aligned YouTube show that will feature interviews with young scientists and a new suite of interactive music videos. I teach 8th grade biology at The Nueva School in the Bay Area." - Tom of "Science with Tom"

VIDEO CREDIT: Climate Music Project

CLIMATE MUSIC PROJECT: Science-guided music to educate on climate change
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"We create and perform original music guided by climate data. Music provides a unique way of communicating the impact that human activities are having on our climate over time.  Our work is made possible by close collaboration between leading scientists and artists.

Our live performances include synchronized visuals and post-concert public forums during which our audiences can engage actively with our scientists, composers, and musicians." - Climate Music Project


STEAM 16: Young students rapping about STEAM subjects
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"American classrooms are falling behind in S.T.E.A.M education. As the global community expands, we cannot allow our country’s youth to go unprepared, and ill-qualified for the opportunities they deserve. The outlook for careers in STEAM is positive and growing nearly twice as fast as other industries. With endless distractions at students fingertips, it is time to get them passionate and excited about studying. S.T.E.A.M 16 has the potential to make learning fun and help kids become S.T.E.A.M literate." - S.T.E.A.M. 16