The March for Science: By The Numbers

by March for Science

More than 1 million people joined the March for Science worldwide, gathering for the largest global event in support of science in history. Participants included career scientists, science enthusiasts, teachers, students, and even a few penguins! Check out our rundown of stats from the March:

Size and Scope

More than 1 million total participants (Click here to learn about how we calculated this number.)

Approximately 10,000 volunteers and organizers

740,000+ views of the March for Science via livestream

More than 600 marches in…

  • All 7 continents
  • 66 countries
  • All 50 U.S. states

Northernmost March: The North Pole, via Svalbard, Norway

Southernmost March: Neumayer Station, Antarctica

Lowest Elevation: Below sea level off of Wake Atoll

Size of the Marches (number of participants):

  • 0-250: 44%
  • 250-1,000: 35%
  • 1,000-10,000: 18%
  • >10,000: 3%


When participants in the March for Science RSVPed to attend, they had the option of providing background information about themselves. Here is what we learned:

80.5% of respondents were participating in their first-ever march

24.1% of respondents were scientists

  • Scientists at a Research Institution: 10.6%
  • Scientists in the private sector: 5.8%
  • Scientists in the public sector: 3.7%
  • Retired scientists: 4%

26.9% were science enthusiasts

7.3% were individuals who work at an organization with a science mission

6.7% were science teachers

5 were penguins

Age Demographics of MFS Participants:

  • <18: 2%
  • 18-29: 23%
  • 29-45: 30%
  • 46-60: 25%
  • 60+: 20%

How participants have continued to #KeepMarching

The March for Science held a week of action after the March, and the momentum keeps growing. Between April 23 and May 2, the March for Science network has:

Contacted 49 of 50 Governors and state legislatures

Contacted every U.S. Senator and 420 out of 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives

And our network has engaged high-level leadership, asking them to support science:

Advocates from all 50 states contacted the President of the United States

Advocates from all but two states contacted the Secretary General of the United Nations

But our work doesn't stop here! Sign up here to learn more about opportunities to advocate in support of science.

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