March for Science Statement on the FY17 Omnibus Bill

by March for Science

In the face of anti-science proposals and policies coming from Washington, on April 22, people of all backgrounds, in more than 600 events around the world, came together to rally in support of scientific research, discovery, and innovation. Last week, the momentum continued as individuals from across the country participated in a week of action where they asked their elected officials to act in support of science and discovery.

Today, with the release of the FY17 Omnibus Bill, we were heartened to see that the Congress has listened to advocates for science – like those who participated in the March – and protected many of the important programs that have recently come under fire.

When it comes to the impact of scientists’ speaking out, one thing is clear: scientists and their allies are making their voices heard at all levels of policymaking.  In the months ahead, we will continue to build this movement and hold policymakers accountable by encouraging them to support scientific integrity within the Federal government and fully fund Federal science efforts in the upcoming 2018 budget.

Official Statement