Ways Science Has Affected My Life: An Essay By An 8th Grader

by March for Science

This piece was written by Brianna Wildermuth, an eighth-grade student from Vermillion, South Dakota.

Science has done so many things for me in my life. It has made cars that I use daily and the social technology that I live off of. Science has told me that it isn’t my heavy shoes that are keeping me on the Earth, it is the gravity of our planet.

Image Courtesy of NASA

Image Courtesy of NASA

Extraordinary things have been done with science that affect myself and society every day, but I think the largest impact science has made on me comes from the health field.

When I was twelve years old, my grandma had a heart attack and went into cardiac arrest. Because of the advancements of science, an AED saved her. When she was recovering in her hospital bed, she got a stroke. My grandma was saved yet again because the doctors were able to get rid of the blood clot in her brain. Without the developments of science, I wouldn’t have my grandma.

The same year, my aunt was diagnosed with stage two Breast Cancer. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and teletherapy saved my aunt’s life. Because of scientists, researchers and doctors, my aunt is now cancer free. None of that would have been possible if it wasn’t for science.

Less life-threatening health problems have also resolved because of science. Antibiotics and medicines have helped me every time I have gotten sick. Science has given me vaccinations so I won’t catch influenza, measles, or chicken pox. Quite a few times, MRIs, X-rays, and CT scans have helped figure out what was wrong with me. Science also made surgeries and anesthesia possible when I needed it.

Besides solving serious health problems, science has done so many things for me in my everyday life that I often take it for granted. My teeth are straight because of braces, and that couldn’t have happened without science. My clothes are clean because science has made detergents and washing machines. All the fruits and veggies that I eat would not be as plentiful nor delicious if it wasn’t for science. Science is not just a class I have to take in school. It has played a huge role in shaping me as I am today, and I am highly grateful for the role it has played in my life.

Brianna Wildermuth is a student in the eighth grade at Vermillion Middle School in Vermillion, South Dakota. 

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